Denmark's leading municipality partner for virtualization of health and social services.

Viewcare is Denmark’s leading telecommunications company for a municipality.

Since 2010, we have participated in and delivered some of the most innovative and visible projects, together with visionary municipalities.


Interesting figures for municipalities in 2016

4368000 min

Saved time


Virtual visits

1248000 km

Saved driving

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Home care

Municipalities have successfully implemented the use of screen visits in home care. Viewcare's well-proven platform, well-functioning implementation program and well-documented management tools are the best way to achieve high professionalism, satisfied citizens and a healthy economy.


The still earlier copies of patients to their own homes increase the pressure in municipal nursing. Viewcares platform enables virtualization of services, delegating home care services and continuously maintaining a high professional level.

Housing assistance

Help for citizens who receive support pursuant to section 85, §107 and §108 may at the same time be intensified and reduce the municipality's costs. Long weekly visits can be replaced by daily virtual visits of shorter duration.

Watch videos about Viewcare's virtuel solutions for municipalities (da)

Virtuel Home Care

Virtuel Nursing

Virtuel Home Assistance

Emergency situations

As an alternative and supplement to physical emergency situations, municipalities may offer temporary emergency shelters in their own homes. Viewcare's competence platform ensures that hospital and home care can treat and help citizens in their own homes.

Mentor Support

If a citizen needs extraordinary support to get or retain a job, mentor support may have a decisive influence.
With ViewCare's solution, video conversations can help increase personal contact and ensure that the citizen reaches the agreed goals.

Nurse in cooperation with health care worker using Viewcare's virtuel solution (da)